REVIEW : ND filter 1000x VFFOTO GS 77 mm

Who´s next?!
Next one from the ND series, this time VFFOTO ND filter 1000x also known as a 10-stop neutral density filter  (# 110)
This „Black Filter“ is little bit extreme vision, but also very popular. Most of the time you will use this ND during the day, when the sun is high and the light is very strong you are able to stretch your exposure time from 1/4000 to 1/4 sec , but most of the time in landscape photography it goes around 10-30 sec exposure…ofcourse everything depends on how you set up your camera.
If you shoot architecture with 30 sec and more, it´s very helpful, because long time exposure allow you eliminate walking people from your photo.
Through this glass you can also observe the solar eclipse with the naked eye.
Best time to use : Afternoon, or any time when the sun light is strong and you have a lot of light.
In cinematography you can use it when filming laser cutting, solar eclipse, welding and any other strong light which can damage your sensor without strong ND.
When not to use : Sunsets or sunrises, night sky, poor light conditions.

Timelapse, where i use ND 1000x , 64x and 16x :

Wanna try this filter?

You can play with the clouds

ice and glaciers

rock formations and water

Thats what ND filter 1000x does! And did you hear about ND 16x or 64x and when to use them? No? They are also awesome!
Here is a link for 16x ND.
Here is a link for 64x  ND.

Difference between „classic“ shot without filter and with filter :
ND 1000x – 30 sec

Without ND – 1/30 sec

ND 1000x – 20 sec

So if you are ready to take another step forward in photography or videography and get another (probably second) ND filter to your gear, ND1000x is great choice.
This filter is suitable for every lens with the focal lenght of 17-800 mm no matter what manufacturer…Sony, Nikon, Canon, whatever.

You will serve me!
During the day or strong light is very useful, use him 25% of the time, for waterfalls, seascapes, slowly moving clouds, into timelapse during the day, etc.…in combination with 16x and 64x i´ve got really wide coverage – all ND filters i need for my timelapse specialization…CHA! and weather can´t stop me!