REVIEW : ND filter 64x VFFoto GS 77 mm

Let´s look closer to the ND VFFOTO filters marked as Golden Series (GS)

First time?
Is this your first ND filter ever? You don´t know which one choose, but 64x looks as a best choice? Great, you are starting with the same filter as I!

Why use ND filter? What is ND filter?
ND (neutral density – neutral grey) filter helps to reduce the light of all of the wavelengths (colours). While using ND filter, the photographer can extend the exposure time and change the shutter speed according to his priorities, which allows him to have the length of the exposure under control even under extreme circumstances (sea, mountains, snow). Anyway, cheap ND filters don´t reduce the intensity of the light of all of the wavelengths regularly, which can cause color defects on the final picture.
When i simplify it, it’s like to taking pictures through the welding glass – but glass used in filters is much higher quallity and for special purpose.

First step
If you never experienced with ND filters, this could be easily your holy grail for daily photos and videos.
For timelapse photography are ND filters essential. Must have tool.
Did you ask why?
Sometimes, during the day we all came across the “problem” when ISO is lower as possible, time around 1/500 and aperture on „maximum“ and still thats what we don´t want, right?
Or photos are overexposed?…here comes the savior – ND filter.
This little friend can help bring “darkness” to the photo and open new playground, where aperture can hit shallow depth of field or time went from 1/60 to 1sec.
Objects in the same place will remain beautifully sharp and moving gets smooth motion blur, just like this!

Timelapse, where i used ND 64x , 1000x and 16x :

You can play with the water

or with the sea waves

even with the clouds

Thats what ND filter 64x does! And did you hear about ND 16x or 1000x and when to use them? No? They are also awesome!
Here is the link for 16x ND.
Here is the link for 1000x  ND.
So if you are ready to take step forward in photography or videography and looking for universal product, ND64x is great choice.
This filter is suitable for every lens with the focal lenght of 17-800 mm no matter what manufacturer…Sony, Nikon, Canon, whatever.

Filter frames materials :
1, Brass : Solid material, durable, very good corrosion resistence.
2, Aluminium : Lightweight material, cheap, fragile.
3, Titanium (custom made) : Very high quallity material also used in healtcare, lightweight, very good corrosion resistence, durable and the possibility of engraving inscription on the frame.
Sometimes happens that your metal filter will freeze to the lens in winter due to air humidity or shrinking in cold, but it will never happen with the titanium frame.
ND filter VFFOTO TITANIUM GS is recommended for those, who are looking for luxury and precise quality masterpiece without compromise or people who don´t like filter frozen to the lens, like me 😀


Why you should decide for ND filter 64x VFFOTO GS?
 minimalization of reflections and improved contrast due to 14 antireflective layers
2. resistance against water, scratching and dirt, little bit shock-resistant, but not immortal
3. preserves the finest details of the contours without having an impact on sharpness
4. low design frame which provides no vignetting
5. best price-quality ratio
6. an opportunity to change the glass in case you destroy it
7. 10 years guarantee – (normal is 2 years)
8. easy cleaning


What can the ND filter 64x VFFOTO do? :
On left side you can see photo without filter, on right side with filter.
The color shift is almost zero…If shoot into RAW, you don´t care anyways about color shifting, fixing this took 1-5 seconds.


Same here, 1st photo without filter, 2nd with.



Full details about product :

Choose your destiny
Personally for me this filter is necessery, using him most of the time, for water, moving clouds, into timelapse during the day, etc.…in combination with 16x and 1000x ND i´ve got really wide coverage.
I also often use polarizing filter and Night sky filter…lets talk about them in next article.
Come prepared to photography / videography or suffer the consequences.